A Must Read Review of the Whynter Arc-14sh

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If you are unfamiliar with the Whynter portable air conditioner product line, I want you to know that this company makes a reliable and popular portable air conditioner.

If you have heard of Whynter as a current air conditioner manufacturer but are unsure of which model may fit your needs, l will be reviewing the Whynter Arc-14sh and comparing it to their other 14,000 BTU models.

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What is the footprint of the Whynter Arc-14sh?

The Whynter Arc-14sh is a 4-in-1 machine that does it all! It is an air conditioner, fan, dehumidifier, and heater all in one compact unit. For those wondering the actual footprint is 35.5 x 19 x 16 inches which is about the size of an end table.

Keep in mind that all portable air conditioners need to be located near a window to vent the hot air outside and there needs to be about 20 inches of clearance between the wall/window and the unit to accommodate the exhaust hose. I think this is important to discuss, since the dimensions of the unit itself will not tell you if it will fit in the space you have planned.

Another size factor is that it weighs 100 pounds. Now, I realize this is quite heavy; however, it does sit on multidirectional caster wheels. You can push this unit from room to room when you want to use it somewhere else. It won’t be necessary to break your back lifting and carrying it, so don’t worry about that unless you need to get it up and down stairs. Then, I would recommend an air conditioner for each floor!

Will this portable air conditioner cool my space?

You may decide you want one for every room in the house after you see how well it can cool. The Arc-14sh is a 14,000 BTU machine so it is recommended for spaces up to 500 sq. ft. It can be set to keep a room cool between 61-89 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t expect this to happen instantly, but give it some time and your space will be quite comfortable.

One reviewer advised that it is best to turn your AC on prior to the temperature becoming unbearable during the hottest part of the day. This way the air conditioner is maintaining a relatively comfortable indoor temperature instead of having to bring the room’s temperature down significantly.

For example, if it is going to be a high of 85 today, then I would turn the unit on in the morning and set it for 75. When the room starts to heat up in the morning, the air conditioner will kick-on and keep the room from getting warmer than 75 degrees. If I wait until it’s an uncomfortable 80 degrees in the room then the air conditioner has to work even harder to get the room back to 75. Now, if I forget to do this, the unit is capable of bringing the room back to a comfortable temperature; it may just take a little bit longer than preferred.

This particular model has a timer feature as well. This is very helpful in the scenario I just proposed. If you are away most of the day, you can set the timer so that it will start cooling at a certain time before you arrive home. This way you enter a refreshing, cool space.

Does the Whynter Arc-14sh have any unique features?

Another wonderful feature on the Arc-14sh that I have not seen on every portable air conditioner is the auto-restart function. In the case of a power outage, the unit will resume cooling at its previous setting once the power returns. I think most of us can see the value in this, but pet owners will especially appreciate not needing to worry that their pet is suffering through a sweltering afternoon at home.

A safety feature on this unit is the Leakage-Current Detection and Interruption (LCDI) plug. This plug decreases the chance of fire due to arcing faults in the power supply cord. Hopefully, this is not an issue any of us experience, but I am thankful that Whynter has a built-in safeguard just in case.

Whynter has an Auto Drain feature so that the water produced during the cooling process will evaporate and exit through the exhaust hose with the hot air. Under dry conditions most of the excess moisture will evaporate. In more humid environments or every few months in dryer climates, the drainage tray in the bottom of the unit will need to be emptied of the excess water that did not evaporate.

When emptying, I would recommend putting a dish under the machine to catch the water when you pull the drain plug. If you are using this near a drain, it is also an option to attach a drainage hose and empty it down the drain. For most users this is not something you will need to do frequently, but it is still a bit of an annoyance. Whynter does make it a little easier on the user by indicating when the drainage tray needs to be emptied with a red blinking light on the display.

The heat mode on this unit is a bit different from your traditional space heater. It is 13,000 BTU and the thermostat can be adjusted to temperatures between 61 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a heat pump that basically does reverse air conditioning when it is cold. Thus, the unit still needs to be vented outside so that the cold air can be expelled. When the temperature outside drops below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat pump will not work. It is possible to remove the intake hose and cap it, so the unit will just work with the air that is inside the room.

Does this portable air conditioner have a dual hose?

There are two kinds of portable air conditioners: single hose and dual hose. This unit has a dual hose. On a dual hose machine, there are two exhaust hoses vented out the window. One hose is pulling in air from outside, the machine then cools the air, cool air is forced into the room, and warm air and moisture sent back outside through the other hose. In a single hose configuration, the unit is recirculating air in the room by pulling in the existing air in the room, cooling it, and then expelling the warm, humid air outside.

Conclusive studies have not been done, but many prefer the dual hose design. They say that the air conditioner is able to cool faster and more efficiently with this set-up. If you are on the fence about this feature, a dual hose can be configured to function as a single hose unit.

Does Whynter make any other 14,000 BTU portable air conditioners?

In its line of portable air conditioners, Whynter also has the Whynter Arc-14s and the Whynter Arc-143MX.

The Whynter Arc-14s is essentially the same machine as the Whynter Arc-14sh with just a few differences. It is a 3-in-1 unit with air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier. It does not have a heating option. If this is a better fit for you, Amazon sells the Arc-14s too.

The Whynter Arc-143MX is a newer model that was designed for commercial use with datacenters in mind. It is also very similar in features to the other two units. Like the Whynter Arc-14s, it does not have a heating mode. There is also a dehumidifying capacity difference. The other two units can handle 101 pints per day while the Whynter Arc-143MX can only do 91 pints per day. This is not a huge difference but worth noting.

Additional features that the Arc-143MX has is that it out performs the other two units in air flow output at a maximum 384 m3/ Hour compared to 360 m3/ Hour. It also comes with a 3M antimicrobial filter for cleaner air, and it is mold and mildew resistant. (While the other two models have the standard carbon filter, you can buy a 3M antimicrobial filter separately to replace the carbon filter in these air conditioners.)


All three of these Whynter machines have a one year limited warranty and three year warranty on the compressor. And, they are all capable of cooling off your 500 sq ft. space.

If you do not want a heater option and are choosing between the Whynter Arc-14s and the Whynter Arc-143MX, I would choose the Whynter Arc-14s. Again, prices can vary, but it is less expensive with almost identical specs. It actually out performs the Arc-143MX in dehumidifying capacity.

The Arc-143MX does boast the 3M antimicrobial filter and greater air flow, but the filter can be upgraded in the other models. The only reason I see to purchase the Whynter Arc-143MX is if you truly need the additional 24 m3/ Hour of air flow or if the price drops lower than the other models.

If you want a heat mode, then the Arc-14sh is the only 14,000 BTU option in the Whynter product line. Prices can change, but it is currently the least expensive option, as well. Purchase it through Amazon for a great price and quick delivery. With so many of the features being the same on these three units and the heat mode being unique to this model, the Arc-14sh is my preferred pick overall.

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