A Complete Review of DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners


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We will be looking at DeLonghi’s eight most popular models of portable air conditioners. I was interested in how these models compared and rated among users. I will be giving an overview of each model and then recommending which model is best for different air conditioning needs. 

After hours of research, this is my favorite DeLonghi portable air conditioner from Amazon. Keep reading for a full description of each model or use the links below to skip ahead to the one you are considering.

Why buy DeLonghi portable air conditiioners?

DeLonghi is well known for their line of portable air conditioners called Pinguino which is Italian for “penguin.” The company was founded by the DeLonghi family in 1902 in Italy, and their headquarters remains there today. Originally, they were a small mechanical parts manufacturer and became well known for their portable air conditioners and heaters.

Now, the company has expanded into small home appliances too. With their stylish Italian design, these air conditioners will fit into any living space and do not block your view like a window air conditioning unit.

What do the all of the DeLonghi portable air conditioner models have in common?

All DeLonghi portable air conditioners are single hose units and will need to be vented out a window in the room you are using it. An easy to install window kit and exhaust hose are included with every portable air conditioner. It will take only minutes to install and there are no tools required.

All models come with cooling, fan and dehumidifying modes. These modes can be run together or separately depending on your needs. The fan only function has three fan speeds. The lowest speed is a quiet mode so you are not disrupted. The dehumidifier eliminates more humidity when run alone but still does a decent job of removing humidity when run with the cooling mode. Read individual reviews to see the pints per day that each model can remove.

DeLonghi’s exclusive “No Drip Technology” recirculates the air and sends moisture outside. In low humidity areas, you won’t need to empty any buckets. In high humidity locations where the air conditioner cannot remove all of the moisture, some will collect in the drainage tank and you will need to occasionally empty this.

Each unit uses R-410A refrigerant gas which is safer for the environment and does not deplete the ozone. All models are rated voltage of 115V and frequency of 60Hz. It can be operated by using a standard three prong outlet but it is recommended that other electronics not be powered on the same outlet.

There are several features on every unit that will really make your life easier. The lighted LED display has easy to use controls. The 24 hour timer will give you the flexibility to run this air conditioner when it is convenient for you and ensures you can come home to a cool space every day. (The PAC N115EC has a 12 hour timer.) Also, a remote control is included, so you can run the controls from your couch or bed.

If you ever need to remove the filter, it is easy to access and can be removed to wash. For ease of portability, each AC comes equipped with a handle and is on caster wheels so moving it from room to room is effortless.

What are the differences among the DeLonghi Pinguino models?


The PACC100EC is a 10,000 BTU unit capable of cooling up to 300 sq. ft. This is a quieter model and has a decibel rating of 55. Anything, 55 db(A) and below is considered a less noisy air conditioner. It measures 17.8 x 13.5 x 30.3 inches and weighs 72 pounds. This model has a dehumidifying capacity of 76 pints/day or 49.6 pints/day when using the air conditioning mode. The airflow is 206 CFM so it will emit a powerful burst of air to cool your room.

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This is DeLonghi’s 11,000 BTU unit for rooms up to 400 sq. ft. The unit itself measures 17 x 16 x 29.5 inches and weighs 62.3 pounds. The dehumidifier can eliminate 76 pints/day of extra humidity when run alone or 49 pints/day when run with the air conditioner.

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This model is an 11,500 BTU machine which means it can comfortably cool a room up to 350 sq. ft. Its dehumidifying function eliminates 76 pints/day and when cooling removes 49 pints/day.  It measures 17 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 29.5 inches tall, and this model weighs 58.5 pounds. Comes equipped with a 12 hour digital timer and thermostat. This unit has a new design. The original was the black model and it now comes in a white model too.

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This model is 12,000 BTU and will cool a slightly larger area up to 450 sq. ft. It also has dehumidifying option that can remove 49 pints/day when running with the air conditioner or 76 pints/day if running on its own. The size of this model is 18 x 14 x 31 inches and 70 pounds. The description for this model says that it has “quiet operation” but the decibel rating was not available. An owner of this model said that it is fairly quiet and he is able to work and sleep with the unit operating.

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The PACAN120EW is a 12,000 BTU unit (cools up to 450 sq. ft.) with a few additional features. First, it has the Whisper Cool setting that reduces the noise by 50% making it a quieter air conditioner option. While users agree it is not a whisper, this feature does reduce the noise output so watching TV or having a conversation at a normal level is possible.

The second unique feature is the Real Feel technology. It uses the cooling and dehumidifying functions to find a comfortable balance so that the room feels pleasant rather than that cold freeze that some ACs create.

Finally, it comes equipped with a BioSilver filter. This filter prevents bacteria, dust and pollen from circulating around the room and eliminates mold and mildew growth. It is 17.8 x 15.5 x 29.5 inches and weighs 68.4 pounds. It removes 86.65 pints per day of excess moisture when running just the dehumidifier.

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This air conditioning unit measures 17.8 x 15.5 x 29.5 inches and 68.3 pounds. It is a 12,500 BTU unit that will cool a room up to 450 sq. ft. The dehumidifying function removes 86 pints/day when operating alone and 55 pints/day when functioning with the air conditioner.

This model has a unique difference in that it is a 4-in-1 model that comes with cooling, dehumidifying, fan, and heat modes. The heat mode is heat pump that essentially works by reverse air conditioning the room.

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This is another 4-in-1 unit, so in addition to cooling, fan, and dehumidifier, it has a heat pump. A heat pump works like a reverse air conditioner by pulling in air, warming it, and venting the cold air to the outside. This model comes with a 3810W heat pump.The dehumidifying feature will remove 54 to 86 pints/day of humidity. It removes more when running independently and a little less when operating with the cooling mode.

The overall size of this unit is 17 x 16 x 29.5 inches and 67.5 pounds. It is a 13,000 BTU unit so it will effectively cool a space up to 500 sq. ft. The air flow is 250 minimum and 350 maximum so you have the freedom to adjust the force of the air that blowing out of the machine.

Also, the decibel rating is 54 so it is quieter than some models. Don’t expect silent cooling but it will get the job done a little less loudly.

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The PACAN140ES is DeLonghi’s largest air conditioner. It is a 14,000 BTU/hr unit, so it will work for rooms up to 500 sq. ft. It measures 13.5 x 17.8 x 30.3 inches and weighs 85 pounds. Delonghi has recently streamlined their 14,000 BTU unit so its footprint is not as large but it still provides a large cooling capacity.

This model comes with the BioSilver air filter. This is a nice bonus because it is able to remove allergens (bacteria, dust, and pollen) and prevent mold and mildew from growing inside the machine. Also, the Whisper Cool function creates 50% less sound while still effectively cooling the room.

It is also a 4-in-1 unit so it comes with an additional heat mode. This is a 4,105 Watt heat pump that functions as a reverse air conditioner so that you can use this model year round.

Real Feel is DeLonghi’s proprietary feature that balances cooling and humidity to make the space feel comfortable. It provides a steady cool feeling instead of the artic chill some air conditioners create. With the cooling and dehumidifying function running, this model removes 54 pints of excess moisture a day. In the dehumidifying only mode, it can remove 86 pints/day.

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Which model is the best?

The answer to this question depends on what features you need. Now, that you have read the similarities and differences between the models, let’s discuss which ones are right for specific uses.

Quieter Models

Five of the eight models either operate at decibels considered quieter than other air conditioners or have DeLonghi’s Whisper Cool feature.

At 10,000 BTU the PACC100EC is small and quiet.

Both 12,000 BTU models, PACC120E and PACAN120EW, are quieter models. The PACAN120EW boasts the Whisper Cool technology and has more features than the other model.

The 13,000 BTU (PACN130HPE) and 14,000 BTU (PACAN140ES) also claim quieter levels of operation. These will cool the largest spaces (500 sq. ft.)

While none of these will be silent, they are your best options if you are concerned about noise level.

Heat Mode

The three largest units are 4-in-1 models which means they come with cooling, fan, dehumidifying, and heat modes.

The PACAN125HPEC cools up to 450 sq. ft. and is a 12,500 BTU unit. The PACN130HPE is 13,000 BTU and cools 500 sq. ft. And, the PACAN140ES is a 14,000 BTU model and cools 500 sq. ft. This model comes with the most additional features.

Real Feel

A unique feature on some of the models is Real Feel. This balances the cooling and humidity in the room to create a comfortable environment. You won’t find this unless you buy a DeLonghi portable air conditioner and not all of their models have it. The ones that do are the 12,000 BTU unit (PACAN120EW) and the 14,000 BTU unit (PACAN140ES).

BioSilver Filter

All of the DeLonghi units come with a filter that is easy to remove and clean; however, two of the units come equipped with the BioSilver filter. It is designed to trap dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens; as well as, prevent mold and mildew growth. The PACAN120EW and the PACAN140ES have this great filter.

What is DeLonghi’s warranty on portable air conditioners?

DeLonghi has a two year parts and labor warranty. Additionally, the sealed system (compressor, evaporator, condenser, and refrigerant tubing) are covered for four years.

Final Recommendations

DeLonghi makes numerous portable air conditioners. Most companies sell portable AC units that are 10,000, 12,000, and 14,000 BTU, but DeLonghi provides 11,000, 11,500, 12,500, and 13,000 BTU units too. This gives you more options when you are deciding the right size air conditioner for your room dimensions.

The major drawback of DeLonghi’s portable air conditioner portfolio is that they only offer single hose options. Some people prefer a dual hose model because they bring in outside air to cool the room rather than pulling air from inside the room. Both options will cool your room; it would just be nice if DeLonghi offered a dual hose alternative too.

If you want a portable air conditioner with the most bells and whistles, I would go with either the PACAN120EW or the PACAN140ES from Amazon. They have all of the main features, as well as, a few extras like Whisper Cool, Real Feel, and the BioSilver filter.

However, if you want a model with a heat pump than my recommendation would be the 14,000 BTU unit – PACAN140ES. This model just seems to have it all.

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