Alen BreatheSmart: Recommended for Families

My father loves to have the windows open to let the fresh air into the house. But, my mother is an allergy sufferer and bringing the fresh air inside makes her nose stuffy and causes her to sneeze. I can’t wait to tell them that now there is a way for them to experience fresh air inside without opening up all of the doors and windows. The Alen BreatheSmart purifies the air inside the home leaving it crisp and clean for Dad and eliminating allergens that give Mom itchy eyes and nose. This may be the best thing to happen in their marriage since the Beach Boys 50th Reunion tour!

A Solution that Will Make the Entire Family Breath Better


The biggest feature on the Alen BreathSmart model is that it covers up to 1100 square feet. I don’t know of another air purifier model that can cover a larger area for this price. This unit works really well in open concept homes because it can cover so much space. It is often used in open concept kitchens and living rooms, but I can also see its usefulness in large master bedrooms with vaulted ceilings.

Alen also offers the BreathSmart Fit50 and Flex. These have many of the same features of Alen’s original BreathSmart model. The major differences being that they operate at lower speeds and cover a smaller room area. Fit50 has a coverage area of 900 sq. ft. and Flex covers up to 700 sq. ft. I mention these other models because it can be confusing when searching online and several different Alen BreathSmart options pop up. I will go into detail here about the original Alen BreathSmart option which has the largest coverage area and most features. Just know that Alen offers several models to meet your needs.

How do air purifiers work?

The powerful fan in this unit pushes pure air out and up to the ceiling. It spreads out around the room and pulls particles to be filtered back into the Alen Breathsmart unit to be purified. The contaminated air then goes through the filter where both visible and microscopic dust, dander, and other pollutants are filtered out of the air. After completing the filtration process, clean air is once again dispersed around your room.

Noise Level

The Alen Breathsmart has 4 speed settings, and even with this much power still manages to be relatively quiet. Alen calls it their WhisperMax technology and says it is possible due to precise tuning and aerodynamics. The company uses pink noise in their technology to eliminate annoying high frequency noise. Pink noise is more soothing than even white noise. If you are unfamiliar have a listen here.

However, when it comes to noise level everyone seems to have a different threshold. First, I like to find out from owners of this product if they think it is quiet. One owner said that the unit is “really quiet.” He went on to explain that the unit is located right next to his bed and he needs it to be completely quiet in his room in order to fall asleep. He has had no issue sleeping next to this air purifier. Another user said that the lowest two settings are extremely quiet and they can even sleep when using the higher speed settings because the sound emitted is very tolerable white noise.

Even after confirming that the majority of owners agree that it is a very quiet machine, I like to dig a little deeper to see if I can find information on the decibel rating. If you have read any of my portable air conditioner reviews, you know that noise level is often a top concern when purchasing an air producing appliance and the noise output is measured in decibels. Basically, this is a unit of measurement to identify the intensity of a sound. I discovered the four decibel ratings on the Alen BreatheSmart are based on Speed levels 1-4. Speed 1 will obviously be the slowest and quietest and is 41.5 Db. Then it goes on up from 44 Db to 50 Db, and then 56 Db at the highest speed. To give you a better idea of the noise level, whispering is 30 Db, normal conversation is 70 Db and fireworks are 140 Db. Based on the owner reviews and the decibel ratings for the Allen BreatheSmart, it may not be exactly whisper quiet but it is not going to be loud enough to disrupt your conversations or sleep.

Customizable Features

I personally really like the many customizable features that the Alen BreatheSmart unit offers. First, the front panel comes in 15 different color options. There are faux woods and metal options, plus basic white and black, and even stylish colors like seafoam green, petal pink, and electric blue. But the one that caught my eye is the primer option. This means the colors and options are limitless. Paint it the color of your wall so it blends in, or paint it an accent color so it looks stylish in your space. If you are really talented, you could even paint a picture or quote on it to add to your décor. This is not a feature available on other air purifiers!

More practically you are able to customize the HEPA filter. There are four options. All equally eliminate dust and allergens and then each provides an additional unique feature. The first is the HEPA-Pure. It is the standard or default filter choice. It covers the majority of uses for an air purifier like dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen. HEPA-Silver is ideal for those trying to combat germs, mold spores, or asthma issues. Then there is HEPA-OderCell, which is going to rid your home of unwanted smells from pets, cooking or baby diapers. Finally, HEPA-FreshPlus tackles more intense chemical smells from smoke or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in many chemical house cleaners. These can cause health issues, so if you are living in an environment with smoke or VOCs, I would highly recommend an Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA FreshPlus filter.

Additional Features

Nearly every air purifier requires the filters to be replaced periodically. Alen took this into consideration when designing the BreatheSmart and created a SmartSensor feature that detects and adapts to changes in the air. The air quality is also displayed on the control panel. A light will indicate one of three air qualities in the room: “maintaining pure air”, “moderate pollutants detected”, and “heavy pollutants detected.” Based on this reading, the SmartSensor will turn on when necessary to purify the air in the room two times an hour. This Energy Star Certified machine only operates when needed, so you know you are saving money and protecting the environment at the same time.

This filter sensor will save you money by increasing the time between replacing filters and conserving energy by not being in use when unneeded. The filter in the Alen BreatheSmart should be replaced approximately every 12 months. There is a light near the operating buttons that will indicate exactly when your filter needs to be replaced since this will vary depending on use. Based on my research this is a longer filter life than many comparable models which need filter replacements between 6-10 months.

The BreatheSmart has the largest capacity of the Alen line of air purifiers so as expected it also has the largest footprint. It weighs 21 pounds and measures 26.75” in height by 17.75” in width, and 10” in depth. When choosing where to place your new air purifier remember that all air purifiers are going to need to be plugged into an outlet and should sit about a foot out from the wall. Placing an air purifier up against a wall will restrict the air flow and thus reduce its effectiveness at cleaning the air in your home.

Are there any downsides to the Alen BreathSmart?

While researching this question, I found that the majority of reviewers are overwhelmingly in favor of their BreathSmart unit with many people raving about its effectiveness and questioning why they had not purchased one sooner. However, there were two downsides I could find. The first was a small number of reviewers felt the unit didn’t work for them. They saw no difference in the air quality, but after reading their review I noticed that there was a follow-up comment from an Alen representative apologizing for the inconvenience and offering to replace the product or provide a refund. I was extremely impressed by Alen’s customer service and direct response to individuals. Additionally, I found a positive review from a customer who had to replace a unit with a faulty sensor. They explained that after contacting Alen and working with one of their employees to try to fix the issue, the representative determined that the machine was damaged and immediately sent a replacement to the customer. The customer was very pleased that they were not asked to return their unit until after the replacement was received. This customer is very satisfied and has purchased additional BreathSmart units following that experience.

The other common complaint I read was the high price point for Alen BreathSmart air purifiers. While some customers felt the price point was excessive, others stated that it was “worth every penny.” My take away was to consider room size first. If a smaller air purifier, like GermGuardian meets your needs, you may not need to pay for the Alen BreathSmart model. However, if you live in a home with an open concept floor plan or are trying to purify a very large room, you will get your money’s worth out of this model.

Final Thoughts

Alen BreatheSmart has one of the largest output capacities on the market, it is customizable, quiet, and smart. It may be more of an investment than other air purifiers available today, but with a lifetime warranty and all of these features, I would recommend this one to my mom and dad! You can pick up any of these 3 on Amazon: Alen BreatheSmart, BreatheSmart Fit50 and BreatheSmart Flex.

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