5 Easy Ways to Stay Cool at Home this Summer Without Paying a Bundle

Stay Cool in the Summer

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Summer is here! Whether you bask in the sun or seek shade and cool places, the next few months will get pretty toasty. Here are a few tips to help you keep cool when you are at home so you can enjoy summer time.

  1. Reverse those ceiling fans! By changing your ceiling fan to rotate counter-clockwise in the summer, you will push air down into the room and create a cool breeze.
  2. No central AC? If you would just like your bedroom cool at night or living room comfortable during the day, you could purchase a portable air conditioner or tower fan instead. They are significantly less expensive than cooling your whole home but will provide relief from the heat.
  3. Close up shop! Keep blinds closed to prevent sunlight from heating up your home. Also, shut doors to rooms you aren’t using. That way any fans you have running won’t be sending cool air into areas of your home that are not in use.
  4. Don’t turn on that oven! I repeat, don’t do it! I know, I know. You have to eat and going to a restaurant is not the most affordable option. Consider cooking in a crockpot, using an outdoor grill or preparing a cold salad or sandwich for dinner instead.
  5. Find ways to cool yourself down. In this case, ice is your new best friend! Drink an icy cold beverage or eat some ice cream. Wear a light weight cotton top and shorts. Direct a fan towards you blowing cool air across a container of ice. Take a cold shower. Use ice packs on your face and neck. Do whatever it takes to keep from sweating!

If you just can’t bear the heat wave at home, take a trip to a local establishment that doesn’t expect you to buy anything in return. The library or mall are free places to get out of the heat. Take your mobile device because they may offer free Wi-Fi too!

We want you to enjoy the fun, care-free days of summer. If you just can’t get past the sweltering heat, we have one final suggestion. Remind yourself that winter is only a few months away, and indulge in a daydream about chilly temperatures, icicles and sledding while you eat a popsicle in front of your tower fan.

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